Home Visits

Do your pets get stressed with the boarding kennels experience?

Thought there was no alternative to boarding kennels in Christchurch? Well now there is!Boarding kennels

PetWalks offer a house call service allowing your pets to stay in their own environment and in their own routine while you are away. Which means less stress for you and your pets!


Our home visits include:

  • Pet feeding
  • Kitty litter clean/poop-scoop
  • Medication administration
  • Mail collection
  • Put bins out/in
  • Water plants and garden
  • Home security check


Would you like to know how your furry family members are going while your away? No problem! As part of our service we can email or text you updates while the regular photo uploads to our Facebook page allow you to see exactly what your pets have been up to while your away!

Enjoy the benefits of a stress-free holiday for you and your pets – Email us about home visits or call 027 527 9314!