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Operator of Christchurch’s Famous Doggy Group Adventures!!

Have you seen our famous group doggy walks yet? Just imagine, while you’re at work, your dog is running free through a field with the wind in his hair or across a sandy beach before diving into the ocean, all with his best friends by his side! If you want to come home from work to a totally content and tired doggy then this is perfect for you. Our group walks take an hour but your furry friend will actually be away from home for closer to two or three while we pick everybody up and drop them all home again – a perfect way to break up his day and destroy boredom!

Check out our Facebook page to see the photos from todays’ amazing group adventure and see what all the fuss is about:

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Doggy day care Christchurch

Why Hire a Dog Walker?

The benefits of dog walking, regular exercise, and socialisation for your pooch are numerous and include both physical and psychological benefits.

Benefits include:dog-walking-christchurch

  • Minimising ‘acting out’ or undesirable behaviours
  • A consistent routine installs confidence in your dog
  • For those stuck indoors or in a pen or a crate it allows for a ‘toilet break’ during the day
  • Group walks in particular offer socialisation with other dogs
  • Coming home to relax knowing your dog has had his or her share of exercise for that day!

Dog Walking Christchurch

PetWalks offer professional & experienced dog walking services to the Christchurch area as far south as Halswell, Huntsbury & Cashmere, north as far as Belfast, Parklands & Regents Park, west as far as Hornby, Yaldhurst & Avonhead, east to the beach-side suburbs from Sumner to Waimairi Beach and everything in between including Fendalton, St Martins, Merivale, Somerfield, Mount Pleasant, Ilam & St Albans.

PetWalks provide a one-on-one dog walking service for those doggys who prefer preferential treatment, or a group walk option for those doggys who love being with others and have good re-call off leash.

One-on-one dog walks include a half an hour or an hour option, while our group dog walks are for an hour.


Want to enjoy the benefits in your doggy? Email us now or call 027 527 9314!