Doggy Day Care

Why Is Doggy Day Care a Good Idea?

A well cared for stress-free pet equals a happy & well rounded pet. Although PetWalks are currently unable to offer doggy day care services, it is a service which when provided in a clean, quality, supervised and nurturing environment, can be beneficial for a dogs socialisation skills and general wellbeing.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Suited For Doggy Day Care?

What is your dogs personality? Does your dog enjoy being around other dogs? Does your dog enjoy playing with other dogs, and play well with other dogs? Some dogs prefer a more relaxed environment where they can enjoy an undisturbed snooze so some doggy day care facilities offer seperate areas so dogs have both options, just be sure to check out the facility before committing to ensure it’s suitability for your pooch.

Alternatives to Doggy Day CareDoggy day care Christchurch

If your looking for an alternative to doggy daycare, PetWalks are able to offer:

  • Dog walking; and
  • Home visits

If you work long hours, or simply wish to add some variation to your furry family members’ day, then both the above alternatives are a great option.

Find out more about our dog walking service here or, if it’s our home visit service that you are interested in, then find out more here.


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